Concrete is one of the more traditionally preferred materials when it comes to exterior flooring applications. Nevertheless, plain concrete paving is purely functional, as it does not boost the attractiveness of your property. If you are looking for an alternative that will elevate the kerb appeal of your residence, you should consider concrete pattern pavers. Read on to learn are some of the pros of choosing pattern pavers for your exterior flooring needs.

Design options

One of the primary benefits of pattern pavers is they give you the chance to flex your creative muscle when it comes to the design of your exterior flooring. These pavers come in an assortment of shapes and can be laid in a myriad of patterns. In addition to this, the pattern pavers will also come in a range of colours and finishes; therefore, you can rest assured that they will be able to match or complement the design theme of the premises. With pattern pavers, you can reflect your individual style by opting for simple paving designs to intricate interlocking patterns.


Pattern pavers provide you with sustainability. Having grass on your property may seem ideal for your landscaping, but one thing some people do not consider is that keeping it in good condition can be quite rigorous. The grass will need routine care and maintenance to stay lush and green. If you do not have the time to engage in these maintenance efforts, you find your landscaping begins to look sparse and unhealthy. Over time, this can significantly affect the attractiveness of your property. A more sustainable option to consider would be pattern pavers. These pavers can be integrated easily with your garden design, making the upkeep of your yard much easier. Moreover, the pattern pavers can also help in partitioning your property into different zones such as an entertaining space, pathways, the driveway and more.

Simple repair

With other forms of exterior flooring, extensive damages due to wear and tear could lead to the complete replacement of the flooring. Pattern pavers are advantageous since they are installed as individual pavers. Thus, in the event that one paver is to acquire damage, it would be easy to have it replaced without it affecting the rest of the paving pattern. In addition, since repairs can be carried out individually, the labour costs would also be cheaper than having to replace the entire exterior flooring.