Moving to the country and leaving the busy city life behind is a dream come true for many Australians. Country life provides you with a slower pace, a more relaxed lifestyle and a chance to enjoy the wide open spaces. If you've found a beautiful rural property, then you're no doubt looking forward to relaxing and enjoying your new tranquil environment.

Rural living may be wonderful but it also comes with its challenges. Maintaining a large rural property with extensive grounds is time-consuming and can be difficult to do properly without a whole range of specialised garden machinery. For this reason, many rural property owners enlist the services of professional landscape contractors to help keep their land tamed and well-groomed. Here are two specialised tasks that you may require on your rural property.

1. Reach mowing

Reach mowing, sometimes called boom mowing, is the use of a hydraulic arm-mounted grass cutter to mow areas that aren't able to be accessed by regular mowers. On a rural property, this might include steep embankments, rocky landscape, river edges and drainage channels.

Reach mowers are also a fast and effective way to trim back overgrown trees that may be too close to power lines, the roof of your home or other rural structures such as sheds and barns. They can also quickly and accurately prune hedges and ground cover that's intruding on your lawn areas.

2. Slashing

On many rural properties, a ride-on mower will usually be adequate for keeping large garden lawn areas trimmed and tidy. However, if your property has fields or large expanses of rough grassland, a regular ride-on mower won't have the horsepower or blade breadth to make this an easy task.

A slasher is a heavy duty machine that has powerful blades with a large cutting span. It can make short work of large areas and can handle dense, tough wild grass varieties with ease. A slasher can also trim down plants such as rive reeds and tree saplings which would quickly blunt and warp the blades on even a professional quality ride-on mower.

Slashers can also be used to keep your property safe in the event of a bushfire. Keeping the undergrowth in wooded parts of your property short is an important fire prevention strategy. It removes the dead and dry foliage and twigs that act as tinder to fuel and intensify fires as they pass through.