If you are planning to transform your backyard, you may be worried about how much it will cost. Thankfully, redesigning and remodelling your garden doesn't have to cost the earth. By making some clever decisions about the garden and building supplies you purchase, you can create the perfect outside space. Below is a guide to 5 steps you can take to reduce the cost of your new garden.

Buy wholesale plants

Purchasing individual plants from a standard retailer can be quite expensive, especially if you are planning to purchase a large range of plants and trees. You can save money by visiting a nursery or garden centre which sells wholesale. This will allow you to bulk buy the plants and trees you need at a vastly reduced cost.

Invest in a rock garden

While vast flower beds can be beautiful, they can also be a pricey option if you have a limited budget. You can save money by opting for a rock garden. A rock garden will help to transform your yard, creating a stylish area which requires far fewer plants. Buying rocks from a building supply company can help to reduce your cost further.

Create DIY planters

You don't need to empty your wallet purchasing expensive wooden planters when working in your garden. Instead, you can make your own using wooden pallets. Contact a building supply company and ask if they have any pallets which they no longer need.

Use lawn seed

Calling in a professional landscaping company to lay a new lawn can be an expensive approach to remodelling your garden. Instead, you should consider a more affordable option such as growing a lawn using grass seed. Although this will take a little time, spreading your own grass seed and applying fertiliser will eventually create a lush green space.

Use cuttings from other people's plants

If your family or neighbours are growing any plants which you really like, you should ask them if you can take a cutting. With a little green-fingered skill, it is possible to grow entire new plants from a tiny cutting, which will save you from having to buy the plants from a garden centre. You should begin by growing any cuttings indoors using small pots until they are large enough to transfer into your garden. If you would like further landscaping help and advice, you should contact a professional landscaping company or contractor today.