Many people go through the process of removing tree stumps from communal lawns to pave the way for more space for landscaping or planting trees. Stump removal is often done using a stump grinder. A yard that has all its tree stumps removed is aesthetically pleasing and gives residents more space to relax and entertain guests. This article highlights key reasons why stump removal is essential in a communal yard.

Eliminates the Risk of Diseases -- One major reason for felling trees is to prevent the spread of diseases to other tree species. An infected tree stump can harbor diseases that can encroach on native species, posing a risk of their subsequent extinction. Also, if left unattended, tree stumps of invasive species can regrow faster, leading to a high cost of maintenance. Oftentimes, degrading tree stumps can be a haven for pests such as termites, beetles, and ants that attack crops in your garden. Removing such stumps at the onset minimizes the likelihood of other tree species in the yard being affected by the disease or invasive species.

Improves Aesthetic Value of the Property -- Unless you make a nice sculpture out of your tree stump, there is no way it can add any aesthetic value to your yard. Most tree stumps, especially when they start to decompose and disintegrate, are an eyesore. Removing stumps immediately after cutting the tree can open room for landscaping, which enhances the value of the property. You can also plant new trees in the space left after removing these stumps. 

Reduces Tripping Hazards – If you want to prevent your family and friends or even playing children from tripping over tree stumps, then it is only proper that you remove them sooner rather than later. Tree stumps are hard to see at dusk and at night when guests might be moving about the yard. Moreover, you lawnmower is likely to require additional servicing when it hits a tree stump, which may damage the cutting blades. Avoid costs related to trip hazards by removing tree stumps or grinding them to an acceptable level.  If you are a parent, you will feel at ease when your children play on a lawn that has all the stumps removed or ground to a level that cannot cause them to trip. Fortunately, you have the option to choose from a range of options to eliminate the stumps such as chemicals and stump grinders.