Virtually every residential area ought to have sufficient water supply, safe electricity connections, reliable telecommunication systems, and efficient drainage systems for the disposal of wastewater and rainwater. Therefore, if you want to develop a new plot of land for residential purposes, you will need a land surveyor to render sub-division services so as to ensure that the available space is utilised properly.

Here are some essential reasons why you need to employ land surveyors to render sub-division services when you're developing new residential property.

Well-thought-out planning for your property

Upon commencement of the sub-division process, the land surveyor will draw up a sketch plan of your subdivision ideas so as to develop a final plan that meets the required design standards. By scheduling preliminary meetings with the relevant building authorities such as city and town councils, land surveyors may present a comprehensive survey plan that includes specific details, e.g. in case of any easements, covenant areas, amalgamation conditions, or any other specified building areas.

As such, land surveyors can provide you with a sub-division design that will match your residential needs and make every step of the subdivision process more efficient. For example, they will consider preliminary factors such as the soil type, the space available for a discharge field, the amount of the discharge, and the type of treatment required when choosing a wastewater treatment system that will work best for you.

Fast-tracked project completion time

All sub-division services are often fast-tracked to ensure that project delays are avoided as much as possible. Since land surveyors are well-versed with the entire sub-division process, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be done quickly and efficiently. For instance, they will ensure rainwater is discharged to a disposal system, which has adequate capacity to receive it and prevent onsite detention.

Better still, land surveyors regularly work with other construction contractors to make sure sub-division conditions are completed in good time as well as to obtain the necessary clearances from various service agencies. Hence, these civil works contractors will handle everything for you, saving you time and removing the stress out of your particular sub-division project.

Integrated approach to project completion

Many land surveyors use an all-round approach to ensure that your subdivision project meets your exact specifications. For new residential apartments, for example, these contractors will see to it that both the main and backup water supply systems are potable by connecting them to a separate water treatment tank. Hence, you can be sure that both city water and harvested rainwater is fit for drinking. Incorporating this type of detail into the sub-division process will, in many cases, save you both time wasted in prolonged reconsiderations and costly appeals.