Making a small garden seem larger can be as simple as tricking the viewer's eye with the right type of landscaping supplies. There are a range of designs and materials that can work to make your yard seem larger, but when thinking about designs, look closely at these essential five materials:

1. Large red pavers

Deep red colours draw the eye toward them, and by putting in a patio of red pavers near your house or the main entryway of your garden, you create a focal point in your small space.

Use large rather than small pavers to create a dramatic effect and make it seem like your small yard is capable of anything. Then, pull the eye outward from this space with cool colours around the borders. The transition from deep reds to cool colours creates the illusion of distance and space.

2. Drought-resistant cool coloured plants

Drought-resistant plants in shades of blue, purple or pink draw the eye outward. Line your small yard with succulents, or position bushes with blue flowers spilling over your fence -- this helps blur the boundaries of your yard.

Alternatively, play with cool colours by installing waterfalls, blue rocks or other cool coloured landscaping features.

3. Tropical plants

In addition to exploring cool coloured plants for the perimetre of your garden, explore adding tropical plants to the area as well. The large leaves of tropical plants such as philodendrons make a small space feel larger.

In contrast, plants with small leaves and lots of details can make a space feel too busy, cramped and small.

4. Trellises

Trellises along your patio or your fence pull the eye upward, and that vertical trick also makes your small garden seem larger. Train climbing plants with blue or pink blossoms on trellises around your yard or use ivy with large leaves.

Other landscaping supplies that can create height in your garden include cinder blocks used to make retaining walls and create levels, tall potted trees, or pergolas.

5. Diagonal decking

Decking can also be used effectively to make your small garden feel larger. Orient the decking diagonally to take advantage of the longest lines in your space. Turn the decking into a useable outdoor room such as a dining room or sitting area -- having spaces that are inherently useful makes your garden feel more luxurious and by extension larger, even though it may be small.

Talk with landscape supply companies, like Kincumber Sand & Soil, for more information and tips for your small garden.