If you are the office manager or supervisor of a building and you are in charge of beautifying the interior of an office, you may want to consider contracting with a plant hire company to help you achieve your goal. Plant hire companies can design an interior landscape scheme that can enhance the appearance of your office. Here are the services they can offer your business.

Vertical Gardens -- As the name implies, vertical gardens are a plant-design scheme in which pots are set up on a vertical grid, which is typically made from steel bars. The pots can be arrayed on individual shelves or for a more interesting look a plant hire company can create a suspension system. Depending on the layout of your office, you can place a vertical garden against a wall, or you can actually double the functionality of the garden and use it as a room divider. Plant hire companies can also place smaller vertical gardens on top of cabinets. For a more streamlined look, select plants that are smaller and less 'busy' in terms of leafy growth. If you want a fuller, more green design scheme, choose plants with leaves that grow thick and bushy.

Plant Selection -- Plant hire companies can also help you select the right type of plants to place in your office, whether you are using a vertical scheme or you just want to spruce up the appearance of your office. Some of the factors that plant hire company experts take into account are the amount of light in your office, the most effective type of plant to help lower the air pollution, if you require plants to help diffuse and reduce noise and the available space for plants to have the room needed to flourish. In terms of light, some indoor plants grow best when there is plenty of natural light, while others can grow even with the artificial light that is present in most offices. There are also plants such as the aloe vera, which lower pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Design Scheme -- If you don't have any idea where you want to place your plants, a plant hire company can provide you with ideas based on the configuration, size and lighting of your office. The most important aspect of setting up plants in an office is to maximise their ability to grow and flourish, but what's nearly as important is finding a scheme that fits the tenor of your office. For example, a lawyer's office is less likely to feature bushy and wild plants, which can overwhelm the decor, and are more likely to feature something more restrained such as tabletop plants and planter boxes.