Lawn supplies like mowers are important for households with backyards, but they can also be unsafe to use when handled improperly. Too many homeowners have been injured when using lawn mowers incorrectly. Powered lawn mowers can be dangerous for everyone around, so you must be proactive when it comes to exercising proper safety precautions by following these smart tips.

Check your Equipment and Lawn Thoroughly Before Mowing  

Before mowing, be sure to check your lawn mower and read the owner's manual so that you're familiar with how to operate it safely. Properly secure the corded wires along the sides of the house, so that you don't accidentally mow over them. Make sure that all the nuts and bolts of your lawn mower are properly tightened to avoid any accidental mishaps. You'll also want to inspect your lawn for getting rid of existing debris and rocks to prevent the lawn mower from getting damaged.

Wear Protective Clothing and Cover your Ears

Make sure you wear long pants and heavy shoes to protect yourself from flying debris during mowing. Doing any type of lawn work can get extremely noisy. Besides the lawn mower, loud noises could also come from other lawn supplies like leaf blowers, trimmers and electric hedgers. Use earmuffs or earplugs to protect your ears. You'll want to keep pets and children away when you mow your lawn because flying objects can prove to be an unnecessary catastrophe. 

Fuel the Lawn Mower Carefully

If you have to re-fuel midway through the mowing process, let the mower cool down before adding fuel for a safer operation. Stay away from the lawn when fuelling the tank so that you don't ruin your grass with chemicals from the fuel. Prevent spillage by using a pouring spout to re-fuel your lawn mower and clean up any spills with used rags immediately, because fuel leaks are a fire hazard. Ideally, you should check that the lawn mower is fully fuelled in advance, so you don't run out of fuel midway through the mowing process. Always switch off your lawn mower when preparing to fuel, because an unattended lawn mower could cause unprecedented damage to your lawn and home.

Be Cautious on Slopes and Hills

While slopes and hills in your backyard are exciting for kids, steep slopes can prove to be dangerous for a lawn mower –– especially if it topples and goes out of control. You'll want to mow across the slopes and not up and down to maintain the sturdy balance of your lawn mower.

Stay vigilant when using lawn supplies like lawn mowers for a safe mowing experience.