Landscaping efforts are evident in almost every commercial property. This includes institutions, government premises, business centres and industrial complexes. The question therefore begs – why is commercial landscaping important at all? Underpinned in 5 major points below, find out why every commercial space should, and must seek, landscaping.

Aesthetics & leisure

Landscaping is responsible for the beautiful outdoor areas around commercial premises. This is achieved by planting grass/turf, trees, plants and flowers. All these help to add a bit of nature and green scenery to  the outdoors. Commercial landscaping may also go the extra mile to include other features such as outdoor lighting, play areas, sitting areas and swimming pools. Such features not only make the outdoors look good, they also make it a great place for staff and customers to relax or carry out recreational activities.

Completing the outdoor space

Without landscaping, outdoor areas in commercial properties would feature large bare spots that aren't in use and have nothing developed on them. Such areas include strips of land between paths, spaces between buildings and empty tracts of land. However, thanks to landscaping, these spaces are transformed into useful places that add beauty to the premises. This ensures visual harmony is achieved in the design outlay of the entire property by not having any eyesores.

Controlling movement in outdoor spaces

Landscaping also helps create a bit of order in outdoor commercial spaces. This is achieved through construction of paved walkways, installation of timber and metal fences and planting of hedges. These landscaping features help guide clients on where to go when inside the commercial complex. This helps reduce confusion among clients and staff members when navigating through large commercial compounds. In addition to that, fences and hedges can be used to restrict movement to certain areas such as lawns or private areas.

Providing proper drainage infrastructure

Drainage is a vital part of outdoor infrastructure and landscaping. It helps protect outdoor areas from water damage. This is achieved through installation of drainage channels, grates and underground piping. Once installed, landscaped areas are able to drain quickly, ensuring these spaces are viable for uses such as parking, movement and leisure activities, all year round.

Maintenance of outdoor spaces

Last but not least, commercial landscaping is important in order to keep outdoor areas from deteriorating looks-wise. This is vital as far as maintaining a good brand image and enjoying all the above mentioned benefits is concerned. To make this happen, maintenance duties such as grass/turf mowing, tree pruning, hedge trimming, drain cleaning and irrigation are required on a regular basis.

Commercial landscaping therefore helps to reclaim vacant spaces, add beauty to plain surroundings, create recreational space and provide a measure of movement control within outdoor spaces. If your commercial property is in need of landscaping, seek consultation, design planning, construction or maintenance services from a reputed landscaping firm as part of your property management efforts.